Do You Know Best Face Wash in India ?

 Do You Know Best Face Wash in India ?

Best Face Wash Quality ?

Some experts believe that we should use face wash, some experts believe we should not use Face wash. Which face is wash suitable to use, which face wash is wrong to use? There is a lot of confusion in the minds of people today. Through our research and our study, we will tell you which face wash is suitable for you and which meet wash is right for you.

Face wash means to clean the face, nowadays pollution is increasing very much, because of eating too much outside, there are problems like pimples, freckles, dry skin, etc., so we need to use Best Face wash for our Face Skin.

Use Best face wash according to your skin type,

A person with a dry skin problem should choose such a face wash that can make the skin most charismatic, remove impurities from the skin, and make the skin soft. Such a cream should be the best face wash.

A must-have face wash for dry skin with a time substance containing natural oils and milk. If someone has a pimple, then there is a separate face wash for him. The different face wash is used for various skin Pimple There are many problems on our face, out of which pimple is also a separate face wash for that.

It happens if you have any genetic skin problem, then choose face wash only after the advice of your doctor. Use face wash should not be more than two times a day. Facewash should always be done with cold water. If it is winter season, we should use a lukewarm face wash with water.

Face Wash

Best Face Wash For Oily Skin

Best Face Wash For Dry Skin

Best Face Wash For Pimple Skin

How to make a Best face wash at home ?

We can also make a face wash at home, which does not cause any side effects to our skin. Take two spoons of gram flour and two spoons of Multani mitti powder, then grind the lentils and add one scoop of lentils to it, which is used to scrub the face and keep its powder in a box and keep it in it.

Take a spoon of powder, add a little rose water, curd, two drops of lemon, apply it on your face, keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, wash the face with cold water. Gram flour is very beneficial for our skin, and that The unwanted hair on our face also gradually eliminates them.

And the skin starts glowing with gram flour, and gram flour has been going on since ancient times. Even when the baby is born, it is mixed with gram flour for the first time. The extra hair on his face should be removed. So gram flour is being used for a long time.

Face wash for oily skin

We can prepare another Best face wash at home for those who have more pimples on their skin.

After drying the orange peel in the shade, make a fine paste of it, take a spoon of this paste, then add half a spoon of honey to it, then add rose water to it. If someone has aloe vera at home, then remove aloe vera in it and add it. Take if you do not have aloe vera, then now a days aloe vera is readily available in the market, that can you able to make Best Face wash at home.

You can take aloe vera from the market and add aloe vera to it and apply it on your face.  after that teach the beginning for 10 to 15 minutes then lukewarm or cold After washing the face with water, gradually all the pimples will be gone, aloe vera is beneficial for the body anyway, and aloe vera makes the skin glow and aloe vera we can apply on our face once or twice a day.

Orange peel contains vitamin C, which is very beneficial for our face, which brings glow on the skin with honey and aloe vera also makes the skin shiny and glows, so we can use it for normal skin too. It makes the skin glow as well as the glow on the face, and the freckles also gradually end with time. Aloe vera is very beneficial for our country.

Face wash Home Remedies

If you have more pimples on your face, then take a cotton cloth and put an ice cube in it and keep massaging the face, do it three to four times a day, by doing this gradually the skin will be tight and all the pimples of the face They will also disappear with time and wash the face with cold water four to five times a day, by doing this your pimples will end very soon.

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