Best Prestige Cooker 5 Litre 3 Litre 2 Litre in India

 Best Prestige Cooker 5 Litre 3 Litre 2 Litre in India

Prestige Cooker

Prestige Cookers are a great thing in the kitchen, but, surprisingly, pressure cookers aren’t more popular, given how many people are looking for innovative methods to make dinner faster these days.

These pots drastically reduced cooking times, allowing you to prepare entire grains, beans, and even hearty stews on a weeknight. Furthermore, today’s pressure cookers are incredibly safe and straightforward to operate.

With all these benefits, prestige cookers are one of the most trusted brands in the market. They provide cookers of different sizes; the most common of them are 2 liters, 3 liters, and 5 liters.

Prestige Cooker 5 Litre Price Aluminium Silver

Brand Prestige
Material Aluminium
Colour Silver
Capacity 5 litres
Item Dimensions LxWxH 35.6 x 22.9 x 20.3 Centimeters
Item Weight 3.3 Pounds
Wattage 1000 Watts
Control Method Touch
Operation Mode Automatic
Is Dishwasher Safe Yes

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Prestige Cooker 5-liter Price Review


  • India’s one of the favorite pressure cookers! The widely used and appreciated Prestige Popular Pressure Cooker comes with top-of-the-line features.
  • Manufactured from pure Aluminum to ensure zero contamination, this cooker boasts of the highest quality of raw materials used.
  • Add to that the elegant design and superb finish, this cooker is a sheer pleasure to cook with. It satisfies the different needs of the country’s housewives.
  • Pressure cookers, nonstick cookware, gas burners, induction cooktops, mixer grinders, and a variety of other electrical appliances and kitchen gadgets are among the company’s diverse product catalog.
  • The 5 liter is the most efficient brand and most commonly used in Indian households for cooking. It is a family pressure cooker, and you can cook a large number of meals in one go.
  • You and your family can enjoy food together at the same time with less hard work and more time with your family. I like to use this variant of prestige cooker.
  • Prestige Cooker has value for money compared to other brands. Indian homes are generally equipped with this variant of prestige cooker.
  • The daily cook pulses, rice, and cheek peas more efficiently in less time with good taste. Prestige is a brand known for its quality and brand for its cookware.
  • Prestige pressure cookers are one of the quickest and most convenient ways to prepare any hot meal. These Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cookers are entirely constructed and perfect for household use and large-scale cooking.
  • This cooker will also include a comprehensive instruction booklet, a safety valve, and the manufacturer’s name. This stove is simple to clean and features a big bottom that ensures nothing sticks.
  • Pressure cooking uses less energy to finish a meal because of the shorter cooking times.. Compared to boiled foods, those cooked in a pressure cooker retain more vitamins and minerals.
  •  Since prestige cookers are excellent and practical to use, Although pressure cookers are excellent and attractive, they are not ideal for all dishes.
  • While they are suitable for stews, they are not ideal for cooking steaks or other items that require high-temperature roasting.

Prestige Cooker 3 litre Price Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel

Brand Prestige
Material Stainless steel
Colour Silver
Capacity 3 litres
Item Dimensions LxWxH 39 x 24 x 14 Centimeters
Item Weight 2600 Grams
Wattage 1000 Watts
Control Method Touch
Controller Type Hand Control
Operation Mode Manual

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Prestige Cooker 3-liter Price Review

  • The 3 liters prestige cooker is medium-sized cookware used to cook meals for a short family or friends living in sharing.
  • Because pressure cooking is a moist-heat cooking method, it works best with meals that have been boiled, braised, or simmered. Soups, stews, and stocks.
  • Dry beans, whole grains, risotto, polenta, and grits; dense veggies like beets and carrots; and meats you’d normally braise, such as beef chuck, hog shoulder, or chicken parts, are all excellent choices.
  • These foods denature their proteins, gelatinize their carbohydrates, and soften their fibers about a third of the time they would under normal atmospheric pressure.
  • Prestige Cooker, For example, hard dried beans, such as chickpeas, can be pressure cooked in less than 20 minutes. Most 3-liter pressure cookers are built for use on the stovetop rather than being electric.
  • Depending on the type of meal you prepare with it, they can serve up to 3 or 4 people. That’s three to four individuals eating modest quantities.
  • Each of these pressure cookers is expected to weigh roughly 4 pounds. The prestige cookers are substantial and made up of hard metals to work efficiently.
  • Aluminum pressure cookers are less expensive than those made of other metals due to their lower quality. Stainless steel is a superior choice because it is nonstick.
  • However, if you’re seeking an aluminum cooker, this is the only one made by a prestige cooker. The handle is constructed of high-quality plastic, while the main pot is Aluminum.
  • Because the handlebar and lid are non-corroding, these pressure cookers last a long time. It may not be able to slow cook or can goods in the same manner that multi-cookers can, but it can be used as a standard stovetop pot.
  • That manner, if you do ever want to use it for conventional cooking before switching to pressure cooking, all you have to do is close the lid and go.
  • The only drawback is that it is not induction compatible. Prestige is a well-known pressure cooker brand that has been around for a long time.
  • Pressure cookers come in various forms and sizes, and they’re all highly reliable tools. With prestige, you’ll never make a mistake in the kitchen.
  • You may also buy metal separators to put inside the cooker to pressure cook numerous dishes at the same time. Because this one is small, the divisions may work better in one of their larger pressure cookers.
  • It is only 5 pounds in weight. It’s strange that it only scored three out of five stars on Amazon, given that the vast majority of people who have used it have given it five stars.
  • The 3-liter prestige cooker is excellent and efficient for a small family and friends, but it is not suitable for cooking heavy meals like a whole amount of turkey or mutton at one go in this 3-liter space. It is ideal for daily use.

Prestige Cooker 2 Litre Price Deluxe Duo Plus Induction Base

Brand Prestige
Material Aluminium
Colour Black
Capacity 2 litres
Item Dimensions LxWxH 35.6 x 17.8 x 22.9 Centimeters
Item Weight 1.12 Kilograms
Wattage 1000 Watts
Control Method Touch
Operation Mode Manual
Is Dishwasher Safe Yes

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Prestige cooker 2 liter Price Review 

  • The 2 liters size variant is widespread among college students living outside of the home at different accommodations. Single people who are working and running short of time mostly use this small cooker for cooking a quick meal.
  • It has many advantages. A pressure cooker resembles a standard pot, but it has a modified lid that seals over a rubber gasket.
  • The Prestige Cooker works by increasing the temperature of boiling water, reducing its time to cook, braise, or steam food. To operate a pressure cooker, you must first add enough liquid to the pot, usually at least 2 cups, in order to achieve appropriate steam pressure.
  • Prestige Cooker, Steam builds up in the pool once the cover is fastened in place and the cooker is turned on high heat. The trapped moisture raises the air pressure within the range by 15 psi or 15 pounds higher then sea level pressure.
  • The boiling point of water rises from 212°F to 250°F at that pressure. This increased temperature is what allows food to cook more quickly.
  • A release valve opens when the cooker reaches full force, which is commonly signaled by a gauge or pop-up rod on the lid, allowing steam to escape in a controlled flow to maintain a steady temperature inside the pot.
  • This mechanism is most commonly applied to all the variants of prestige cookers to work efficiently. The unique thing about the 2-liter variant is that it can be efficiently carried and easily transported along with your luggage without taking more space.
  • Prestige Cooker, Hence for regular travelers or single people, it is easy to bring products with more benefits of having luxury meals at go. Because pressure cooking is a moist-heat cooking method, it works best with meals that have been boiled, braised, or simmered.
  • The major drawback about 2 liters prestige cooker is its size. It is minimal if your family consists of more than two people. It is not of good value if you have to cook for many people for a party.
  • It is recommended to use a large cooker for cooking for a party and extra members, family or friends.

As a result, a Prestige Cooker can only be used for a limited variety of dishes, and you must decide for yourself whether you will use your pressure cooker frequently enough to justify the initial expenditure.

The 5-liter variant is not suitable for travelers and people who are constantly moving and traveling for their work, it takes a large chunk of space in their luggage, and it is heavy to carry. It is commonly suitable for

people who have a large family and requires more amount of food to cook in one go to serve their family and friends at dinner and enjoy the good times.

I Wish This Article Will Help to Select Which Prestige Cooker is Best For You

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